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$orders = $api->orders->get([
    'limit' => 25,
    'paid' => true,
    'sort' => 'grand_total desc'
    limit: 25,
    paid: true,
    sort: 'grand_total desc'
$account = $api->accounts->create([
    'name' => 'Jane Smith',
    'email' => '',
    'billing' => array(...)
    name: 'Jane Smith',
    email: '',
    billing: { ... }
    'id' => '<payment_id>',
    'amount' => 24.89
    id: '<payment_id>',
    amount: 24.89


It's easy to customize Admin pages, workflows, and automate everything. Plus, it works on mobile and desktop.

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Schema integrates easily with content and programming frameworks, so you can extend the tools you already use.

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Get a powerful API that makes it easy to control and extend every part of your platform.

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Sell 10 or 10 million products. Schema makes your data available everywhere, and fast.

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Start with standard models and customize anything from database fields to formulas.