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  • 25 MB Data Storage
  • 1 Admin User
  • Development Mode
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  • 1 GB Data Storage
  • 1 Admin User
  • All Inclusive
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  • 5 GB Data Storage
  • 5 Admin Users
  • All Inclusive
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Additional Resources

Simply add resources to any plan (Basic included)

$19 GB/month

Extra Data Storage

$49 User/month

Extra Admin Users

All paid plans include unlimited API requests and bandwidth.

Can we share User accounts?

One device can be logged into a User account at one time. You may allow multiple staff to share a single account at different times, however it could inhibit the use of Activity logs and other User specific features.

How many records can I store?

You can store up to 750,000 records in 1 GB, dependent on the size of each record. Files/images generally take more space than other records. You can estimate your storage needs by creating sample JSON documents and measuring their individual size.

What if I hit the data limit?

Paid plans are allowed to store up to 110% data capacity. You will receive alerts at 95% capacity in order to give you time to upgrade your plan. The server may automatically block additional writes beyond 110% capacity.